Executive Coaching for Physicians

Your exemplary aptitude created great success. But to effectively move from your clinical practice to a leadership role, you’ll need to think differently.

Have you been yearning for more in your career?

Your clinical career has been fulfilling, but now you want to step into an executive leadership role inside your organization.

Being a physician is no longer what you wish to do, but you don’t know how to transition to a different healthcare role.

You want to use your skills to become an effective clinical leader or even transition out of medicine into industry or consulting.

You were recruited to a leadership position, but the management style needed for the role is very unfamiliar to you.

You are seeking a career change because you want to make a difference for patients and providers in a different way.

You’ve been assigned a leadership role inside your organizaiton and now you are thinking “how do I make this work?”

Many physicians are recruited to leadership roles based on their clinical performance and their academic accomplishments.

Successful doctors are smart, hard-working, experienced, technically skilled, autonomous, confident, and motivated.

They have “special” knowledge, vocabulary, and professional training that allows them to have significant influence over those who seek care.

Some of the very qualities that support excellent clinical performance might ultimately create barriers to effective physician executive performance.

Your clinical success can transition into effective leadership.

Accept the fact that your clinical mastery will help you earn the trust of your physician colleagues, but your success will depend how well you inspire those around you.

Understand that your worth will be measured against both clinical and business metrics determined by work done by the colleagues you lead.

 Leverage your clinical experience, business acumen, and collegial relationships in order to navigate complex healthcare dilemmas.

Create an environment of mutual respect, particularly with dyad partners and other key stakeholders.

Develop clarity of communication around organizational goals and objectives so that others understand the “why” of their work.

Understand the challenges of trying to maintaining a robust clinical practice and accepting an executive leadership role.

What Clients Are Saying

“We had a non-aligned hybrid model of both employed and independent neuroscience physicians in our health system’s Neuroscience Institute.  As the new Vice-President of Neurosciences, I personally had very little subject matter expertise, so our decision to engage Dr. Swanson as a respected physician leader, executive coach, and clinical expert to work with our Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Orthopedic Spine Surgeons, and other neuro-specialists in the Institute was key to our development.  We also validated to all of our stakeholders that we were serious about change and improvement in our Institute’s culture and clinical performance by making this year-long investment in the services of an experienced physician consultant/executive coach.”

Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Neuroscience Institute

Are you ready to step confidently into the next phase of your career in the neurosciences?

Our Executive Coaching Program supports physicians in learning the necessary skills they need as leaders to influence across specialties, spread their influence, and have a broad base of support.

Whether you are looking to shift into a C-Suite role inside of your organization, or transition out of the the healthcare setting entirely, you’ll find the support, guidance, and the skills training needed to succeed in leaving the operating room.